Other terms: difficulty in getting pregnant, not ovulating, hormonal imbalance

     Infertility whether primary (woman never conceived before) or secondary (woman having a hard time conceiving after a previous pregnancy) is one of the most common concerns I have encountered in the clinic. 

     Most of the patients who come with this problem are referrals from patients who had successful pregnancies and deliveries after being worked up and assisted in our center. 

    Once a patient seeks consultation, initial evaluation to determine the cause of infertility is done. This include a thorough taking of history, physical examination, Pap smear, transvaginal ultrasound, battery of laboratory tests and later, hysterosalpingosonogram or HSSG (to check if fallopian tubes are blocked).  The male partner is likewise evaluated. 

     There are different causes of infertility. The most common cause of infertility I came across is inability of the woman to ovulate. For the woman to ovulate means to release an egg on a regular, monthly basis. 

     With medications, ovulation is possible. With the transvaginal ultrasound, ovulation may be predicted. Therefore, the optimal timing of sexual intercourse is made known to the couple to bring about conception. 

    There are many advantages of seeking care in Lifechecks. The ob-gyn sonologist, ultrasound machine, laboratory and medications are readily available in one setting . Being a one-stop facility for these  related medical needs, the patient saves valuable time, resource and effort.

     As we have done in the past, it is always a pleasure to assist you in achieving one of the most joyful and fulfilling moment in a woman’s life…pregnancy. 

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